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Thank you for visiting us at One Stop Herbal Shop! All of the products you will find here pertain to natural materials from the Earth that can be utilized in various ways. We have carefully selected products that are free of chemicals & toxins for both personal & environmental reasons. We also work straight with the farmers to ensure purity & price. It is our mission at One Stop to make these products accessible to every consumer. We are a small business & very much support other small businesses whenever possible. Many big companies dominating certain markets lose track of the customer along the way & compromise the quality of their products & their care of the customer. Being smaller, we are able to carefully & personally test every product we offer while still keeping prices low.



Contact Us @: theonestopherbalshop@gmail.com


Orders are sent USPS Priority with Tracking unless previously discussed with customer service. Please Contact Us by email for FedEx or UPS options & arrangements before placing your order. All orders include tracking details sent by email to the address given at the time of purchase once orders are scanned out by the receiving family facility for the day. Express services are available only on certain order sizes. Please note that Express is not the same as Overnight (not available) & is not always the next day but tends to be 1-2 days depending on your shipping destination.


If you pay for USPS Express shipping & your order does not arrive by the USPS Guarantee Date, please contact us with your order & tracking #. If the order is verified as arriving late & is refundable, the shipping charges will be given back to you with a coupon code for the dollar amount off of your next order.


Unfortunately we cannot help mistakes or delays made by the carrier services that do tend to happen from time to time but we can work with you on getting issues resolved to the best of our ability. Many times errors when checking tracking numbers are due to USPS site maintenance or scan process & you will need to simply check back in a couple of hours for updated information. If there seems to be an issue with the order as it is on its way to the shipping destination, please contact USPS & send us an email notifying of the issue as soon as possible. Many times you can get the fastest detailed information from visiting or calling your local USPS if possible & going from there. The postal carrier services are high-volume corporations & often can be difficult to deal with on the customer service level which requires both patience & time on our part to get answers in some cases. Please be patient as we work out any issues. If it is verified that the carrier did indeed lose the order, we will replace the order at no additional charge to you.


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